Walter De Donder
Biographical information
Full name Walter De Donder
Gender Male
Born July 12, 1960
Occupation Mayor/Actor
Physical description
Hair color Grey
Series information
First appearance The shoemountain
Last appearance The suprise party
Role Modest
Show information
First appearance The Big Samson Christmas Show
Role Modest
Movie information
First appearance Panic in the Hotel
Last appearance Panic in the Hotel
Role Modest

Walter De Donder (July 12, 1960) is a Belgian actor and politician and is best known for parts in Flemish children's television series.

De Donder started in entertainment as an amateur and performed with a puppet called Bibberlip. His breakthrough came in 1989 when he was asked to play the role of the mayor in children's TV show Samson and Gert. Through this role he was able to become a professional actor.

In 1998 he took on the role of the title character in the children's series Gnome Plop, produced by Studio 100.

In 2000 he joined the cast of the satirical program Brussels News Street (Brussel Nieuwsstraat) as a cop. This program also stars Koen Crucke who also played in Samson and Gert.

De Donder is active in the CD&V N-VA party, and in 2000 was elected to the city council of Affligem and was reelected in the 2006 municipal elections. During party coalition talks, it was agreed that he would become Mayor from 2011 and he took on this role on the first of January of that year.