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Samson and Gert is a Studio 100 TV series created by Gert Verhulst, Danny Verbiest and Hans Bourlon starring Gert Verhulst as Gert and Danny Verbiest as Samson. The show follows Samson and Gert in their adventures.

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"Moving in" is the first episode of Samson and Gert, which premiered on September 2, 1990. Samson and Gert have just arrived at their new home, not knowing that some crazy adventures may begin there. Read more...

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Samson is a main title character in Samson and Gert, originally portrayed by Danny Verbiest and later by Peter Thyssen and Dirk Bosschaert. He is Gert's talking dog. With a cheerful and caring personality along with a wild side, he is fun-loving and young at heart. Read more...

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Danny Verbiest is an actor who played various roles in television series and films, such as Bassie and Adriaan.He portrayed Samson in Samson and Gert. Read more....

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