Octaaf De Bolle
Biographical information

De Bolle
The Raven




September 23, 1952

Resides in

Grocery De Bolle



Physical description
Hair color


Personal information

Jeannine De Bolle (mother)
Miranda De Bolle (daughter)
Walter De Bolle (cousin)
Alfons De Bolle (uncle)
Kamiel De Bolle (grandfather)

Series information
First appearance


Last appearance

The family party

Portrayed by

Walter Van de Velde

Show information
First appearance

Samson Christmas Show 1992

Last appearance

Fifteen years Samson

Portrayed by

Walter Van de Velde

Movie information
First appearance

Panic in the Hotel

Last appearance

Panic in the Hotel

Portrayed by

Walter Van de Velde

Comic information
First appearance

What's happening here?

Last appearance

The treasure of Edelstein

Octaaf De Bolle (September 23, 1952) is a fictional character from the Samson and Gert universe. He is portrayed by Walter Van de Velde. Octaaf first appeared in the thirth season of the show together with his daughter Miranda. They became the new neighbours of Samson and Gert, after Joop Mixingmousse left the show. Miranda was however not a character with a long life in the show, after she left the show, Octaaf was accompanied by his mother Jeannine De Bolle.

Originally working in a supermarket, he quitted his job once his mother came in town to run his own grocery together with her.


Octaaf seems to think of himself as the best man in the world, claiming that he is the best in everything. He often fights with Alberto about unimportant things, but still sees him as a friend, expressing his friendship by naming him Alberto just like Albert wants it. Octaaf resembles a bit of Modest his traits, they both think that they are better than the rest, but are both very insecure for one person. In the case of Octaaf, that person is his mother.


  • Just like the other characters, Octaaf has an iconic look, that doesn't change.
    • However, sometimes subtle changes are made.
    • It was revealed that his mother designes his clothes.
  • He is seen to be a huge fan of both 'K3' and 'The Radios'.
  • He used to be a waiter.
  • He is the only main character to be a father.
  • He is divorced or a widower. This was however never mentioned.
  • Instead of Octaaf, Samson pronounces his names as 'De Raaf' which is Dutch for 'The Raven'.
  • He used to play soccer.
  • His birthday is known.