Moving in
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September 2, 1990


Leen van Wichelen

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Moving in, originally 'De verhuis', is the first ever episode of Samson and Gert.


Samson and Gert have just arrived in their new house, but nothing everything is going smooth. When Samson reminds Gert about the show they have to host in a minute, Gert falls of the stairs with in his arms some boxes. Once they started, an unexpected visitor comes to visit. Once their guest and neighbour Joop Mixingmousse finds out that he is on the Flemish television, he rushes home to tape it on VHS. Their neighbour than comes back because he wants to fix the bell, but he ends up breaking a lot of stuff. Including his own jacket.



  • This was the first ever episode of Samson and Gert.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Gert Verhulst, Danny Verbiest and Stef Bos.
  • The famous Samsonsong is already sung in the very first episode.


  • When Gert is sitting at his desk, typing on the typemachine, you can clearly see him read the script.

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