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Mr. the Mayor





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Basiel (brother)
Sofie (niece)
Charel (uncle)
Constance (aunt)


Model aircraft

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The shoemountain

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The suprise party

Portrayed by

Walter De Donder

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The Big Samson Christmas Show

Portrayed by

Walter De Donder

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Panic in the Hotel

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Panic in the Hotel

Portrayed by

Walter De Donder

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What's happening here?

Last appearance

The treasure of Edelstein

Mayor Modest, best known as Mr. Mayor, is a fictional character from the Samson and Gert comics and series. He is portrayed by Walter De Donder.


In the beginning, the mayor was a good, sweet and innocent man. He wasn't very bright of mind, but he did have the brightest heart. But as the series progressed, the mayor began to change a little. The mayor starts to become bossy and self-centered and he is seen to be willing to help, but only if he gets better himself by helping. He know thinks of himself as better than the ordinary people and he's no longer willing to listen to other people their opinion.

However, his clumpsy side remains and his insecure personality is shown every time that the Representative of the Prime Minister comes over. Also his love for airplanes, is a trait that he will never ever ever lose.


  • Aan allen die gekomen zijn proficiat, aan allen die niet gekomen zijn ook proficiat. (translated: To every one who came, congratulations, to every one who didn't came also congratulations.)


  • In his first appearance, he was credited as a guest character instead of a main.
  • He stated that he was a sportsman during his younger years.
  • His iconic look, looks like it has never been changed. However, some subtle changes were made.
  • In the comics he is shown to have brown hair, while in the series his hair is grey.
  • He has a greenhouse.
  • He has a weird taste when it comes to food.
  • According to Eugène Of Loamhouses, the mayor has some relatives living in Scherpenheuvel.
  • Mayor Modest almost got fired by the minister's delegate.
  • He has a twin brother named Basiel.
  • He has a niece Sofie.
  • The actor who plays the mayor is also a mayor in real life since 2011.