! This article is about the person Mark Uytterhoeven. For the episode, see Mark Uytterhoeven (episode).
Mark Uytterhoeven
Biographical information
Full name Mark Uytterhoeven
Gender Male
Born March 6, 1957
Occupation Actor
Physical description
Hair color Grey
Series information
First appearance Mark Uytterhoeven
Last appearance Mark Uytterhoeven
Role Himself

Mark Uytterhoeven (Mechelen, March 6, 1957) is a Belgian television presenter and actor. Uytterhoeven appeared in the Belgian Dutch language comedy TV series 'Alles Kan Beter' (lit: Everything Can Better) in which he presented between late 1997 and 1999. He is also credited with writing the script for 'Man bijt hond' (lit: Man bites dog) in 2001, and was host of the late night show 'De Laatste Show' (lit: The Last Show) until Frieda Van Wijck took it over from him in 2006. Mark and his wife Anne are now living a peaceful life on the Côte d'Azur where he is writing his memoires and finishing his latest novel 'The End of Time'. He is best known on this wiki for guest starring in an episode of Samson and Gert.