Koen Crucke
Biographical information
Full name Koenraad Crucke
Nickname Koen Crucke
Gender Male
Born February 11, 1952
Occupation Singer/Actor
Physical description
Hair color Blond
Series information
First appearance The bell does ring
Last appearance The suprise party
Role Alberto Vermicelli
Show information
First appearance The Big Samson Christmas Show
Role Alberto Vermicelli
Movie information
First appearance Panic in the Hotel
Last appearance Panic in the Hotel
Role Alberto Vermicelli

Koenraad Desiré Arthur Crucke (Ghent, February 11, 1952) , professionaly known as Koen Crucke, is a Flemish singer (an operatic tenor), actor, author and politician, best known for his part in the Samson and Gert series as Alberto. He is married and openly gay.