Jeannine De Bolle
Biographical information
Full Name

Jeannine De Bolle


Mrs. Jeannine
Mrs. De Bolle
Mrs. Praline



Resides in

Grocery De Bolle



Physical description
Hair color


Personal information

Octaaf De Bolle (son)
Miranda De Bolle (granddaughter)
Walter De Bolle (cousin)
Alfons De Bolle (brother)
Kamiel De Bolle (father)

Series information
First appearance

The Mother of Octaaf

Last appearance

The mayor becomes a farmer

Portrayed by

Ann Petersen

Show information
First appearance

Clowns and circuscapriolen

Last appearance

The toy money

Portrayed by

Ann Petersen

Jeannine De Bolle is a fictional character in the Samson and Gert universe. She was portrayed by the late Ann Petersen.


  • Dag, m'n schatje (Hello, my darling)
  • Dat heeft ie van z'n vader! (He's the son of his father!)
  • Dat heeft ie van mij! (He's the son of his mother!)


  • She is the only main character to be a mother and a grandmother.
  • After the actress who portrayed her left the show, she becomes a unseen character.
  • Despite the fact that the actress who portrayed her died, she is still alive in the series.
  • She is called 'Praline' instead of 'Jeannine' by Samson.
  • She refers to Samson as 'My Darling/Baby'.
  • She has a brother named Alfons.
  • She is a friend of Alberto's mother.
    • She does however talk about her friend behind her back.
  • In the comics her background story is different than in the series.
    • In the comics she comes back from Canada, being totally broke and she's returning to Belgium to live with her son and to open a grocery with him.
  • She has the diplom of a nurse.
  • Her father is named Kamiel De Bolle.
  • She can ride a motorcycle.
  • Until 2007 a candystore in the Studio 100 theme park was dedicated to her.


  • She says that she is allergic to hamster, but she offered taking care of a hamster once.