Hans Royaards
Biographical information
Full name Joannes Royaards
Nickname Hans Royaards
Gender Male
Born July 20, 1951
Occupation Actor/Director/Writer
Physical description
Hair color Grey
Series information
First appearance The foam flood
Last appearance The suprise party
Role Roger The Soaper
Show information
First appearance Fifteen years Samson
Last appearance The biggest Christmas Show ever
Role Roger The Soaper

Joannes Jacobus Royaards (Antwerp, July 20, 1951), best known as Hans Royaards, is a Dutch actor, writer and director who happens to work in Belgium.

He portrayed Roger The Soaper in Samson and Gert.

Private lifeEdit

Royaards is the son of Dutch actor and director Ben Royaards and Lea van Laar.