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Jean-Louis Michel

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Moving in

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The suprise party

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Samson At Sea

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Gert Verhulst

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Panic in the Hotel

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Panic in the Hotel

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Gert Verhulst

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What's happening here?

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The treasure of Edelstein

Gert, called Gertje by Samson, is a fictional character from the Samson and Gert series and comics. He is portrayed by Gert Verhulst.


Together with his dog, Gert is the protagonist of the series. They live together in the Dorpsstraat 101 (translated: Villagestreet). Their village is however still unknown. A contuinity joke on the show is that when people enter, they say: I had to knock, because the bell doesn't ring. In the first seasons they had a Dutch neighbour Joop Mengelmoes, who tried to fix their bell.

Most of the series is placed inside the protagonist's house, so it seems like Gert is unemployed. This is however never said, stated or shown. Gert is shown to be an intelligent man, who happens to be desperately in love with Marlèneke. His love for her makes him hate Jean-Louis Michel, a successfull singer.


  • Ja, lap zeg! (translated: Oh, for goodness sake)
  • 'T is nie waar eh! (translated: This can't be true)


  • He has a cousin named Heidi, who lives in Tirol, as shown in the music video 'At Heidi's in Tirol' and in the episode 'Tirolnight'.
  • His aunt Erika lives in Hollywood and is married to an American.
  • His nephew Bob lives in America.
  • He has an annoying aunt named Hortensia.
  • His uncle Jeroen and his aunt Véronique were supposed to come in the episode 'Uncle Jeroen and Aunt Véronique'.
  • His uncle Heliodoor is shown to be a musician in the episode 'Alberto playing the violin'.
  • According to the song 'Uncle Jaap', he has an uncle Jaap and an aunt Clara.
  • His grandfather like jumping out of a plane with a parachute.
  • He has a great-uncle named Jan.

Trivia Edit

  • Gert is mostly seen in a blue jeans and a red shirt. This iconic look was not used until 1997.
  • In the series he is left-handed, but in the comics he is right-handed.
  • He is the owner of a red Citroën 2CV.
  • His birthday is January 24.
  • His French counterpart is Fred.