Danny Verbiest
Biographical information
Full name Danny Verbiest
Gender Male
Born July 27, 1945
Occupation Actor/Writer/Producer
Physical description
Hair color Grey
Series information
First appearance Moving in
Last appearance The family party
Role Samson
Show information
First appearance Samson At Sea
Last appearance Samson and Gert Summershow (2005)
Role Samson

Danny Verbiest (Vilvoorde, September 27, 1945) is a Flemish actor, televisionproducer, televisionhost, writer and puppeteer. He was the original Samson.

Early CareerEdit

Verbiest played alongside Bassie and Adriaan in their films.

Studio 100Edit

Together with Verhulst and Bourlon, Verbiest founded the company Studio 100. He departed from the company in 2005, saying that it grew too fast.


  • Verbiest has played the role of Samson once in a non-Studio 100 show. He reprised his role as Samson in the series Thuis (translated: At home).
  • Verbiest is a lookalike of the writer Salman Rushdie. Rushdie was hit by a fatwa. In the newspaper Rushdie and Verbiest were confused with each other.