Bart Van Leemputten
Biographical information
Full name Bart Van Leemputten
Gender Male
Occupation Director
Physical description
Hair color Black

Bart Van Leemputten (Holsbeek) is a Flemish director of movies and series. He works for Studio 100.


  • Samson and Gert
  • Gnome Plop
  • Wizzy and Woppy
  • Pete Pirate
  • Jump
  • The House of Anubis
  • Mega Mindy
  • Dobus
  • Hello K3
  • Bobo
  • Jabaloe


  • Plop and the Gnometreasure
  • Plop in the Clouds
  • Pete Pirate and the Charmed Crown
  • Pete Pirate and the Flying Boat
  • Panic in the Hotel
  • Pete Pirate and the Sword of Silvertooth
  • Plop and the Gnomebaby
  • K3 Dangles
  • Pete Pirate and the Seamonster

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